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Welcome to Helping Hands Virtual Assistant, where your business success is our top priority! I’m Robin Pike, the proud owner and driving force of this delightful small business, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. With over three decades of expertise in business workflow and logistics across diverse industries, I am well-equipped to provide you with unparalleled support.

At Helping Hands, we cater to small businesses seeking a versatile and flexible solution. We are happy to assume the role you need, whether it is the role of a business manager or virtual assistant.” We enjoy many aspects of business organization, and we provide a personalized approach that fits your unique requirements. Our services are non-contractual, allowing you the freedom to utilize our expertise whenever and however it best serves your business needs.

At Helping Hands Virtual Assistant, we understand the intricate demands of running a small business, and we are dedicated to providing the support necessary to help you thrive. Let’s join forces and navigate the path to success together!

The girl behind the screen...

Based in downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina, just a stone’s throw away from Raleigh, I find joy in sharing my life with my loving husband, Dean. We are also devoted caretakers for my father, ensuring that family remains at the heart of all we do. Notably, we cherish our connection with our adult daughter, who also has an active role in the business.

I love dedicating daily moments to worshiping Jesus Christ, a practice that fills me with inner peace and genuine joy. These moments of worship not only strengthen my relationship with Jesus but also provide me with clarity and guidance for the day ahead. I have a compassionate heart for helping those in need and sharing my faith through acts of kindness.

In addition to my personal mission of spreading love and kindness, I carry my faith into my business endeavors. Integrity lies at the heart of my professional principles. I firmly believe that my faith should shine through in every interaction and transaction, ensuring that each of my clients experiences honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct at every turn. Business success is not just about profits, but about serving others with integrity and making a positive impact in their lives.

My life is a testament to my commitment to faith, love, and service, inspiring all who know me.

Fun facts about me

Favorite Food

Steamed Crabs


The Bible

favorite place to visit


I'm always drinking

Sweet Tea

I want to visit


best vacation

Cruises-to Alaska!

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